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Monday, 10 October 2011


Friends today I would like to introduce you to an amazing Website. It gives writers the opportunity to have their work aired for public view either by reading or listening. The Site is run by a friend on twitter I think you will enjoy it.


twitter name @listenupnorth


Writer with spoken word entertainment website showcasing her own and other writers' work. Listen online or download. Subscribe for latest content.


Latest content from

On 17th October 2011, The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge (affectionately known as 'The Tranny') reaches it's 100th birthday.  To celebrate, has got together withWritersBlock NE to run a creative writing competition taking this iconic lanmark as its inspiration.  You can listen to the winning entries over the coming weeks.  Link to those already uploaded from the feature page

Inspired by amazing Northumberland we bring you another short story Low Newton Beach from the pen of Simon van der Velde and poems about The Cheviot Hills (The Cheviot: OctoberThe Border LineChew Green from Geoff Holland.

I am thrilled to introduce the trailer for my new short film Celia which will be released soon:
Celia - The Trailer

The winners of the Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge Centenary Celebrations have now been announced and we look forward to recording them and putting their work on the website soon.

A selection of poetry from Tyneside writers Geoff Holland and John Oliver taking their inspiration from Tyneside landmarks, culture and boyhood memories.  Links to their work can be found on their profile page.

Allison Davies reads her poem Hattiban inspires by a motobike ride in the Himalayan foothills and Tinned Pie  a short story through the eyes of a child who lives with a mother with OCD.

On the theme of NE Victorian heritage, our recent uploads include two very different pieces of content, both with a local theme and both about craftsman: 

Down the Waggonway a short story by North Shields writer Ruth Henderson
Joiner Geordie is happy at his job making wooden rails for the coal trucks, but wife Maggie has other ideas...
150 a video trailer for a documentary by friend & mentor Jan Cawood of Tin Man Films celebrates the craftsmanship involved in restoring Great Britain's oldest working water-balanced cliff lift in readiness for Saltburn's 150th anniversary as a Victorian seaside town in 2011.
We are really pleased to bring you a selection of poems from Sheree Mack's first full length collection Family Album and an interview with the wonderfully effervescent Sheree.  See Sheree Mack's profile for links to her spoken word content.

We also bring you:

My latest drama and most ambitious project to date.  The idea came from a large stone fireplace and a noise heard in the middle of the night when I was staying in a holiday cottage on the Northumberland coast.  The drama Dolly's House is a supernatural thriller played by a cast of thousands (well 13 actually) plus musical accompaniment.  Recorded at Shipyard Studios in Newbrough during the one hot day of last Summer; in 6 short episodes it tells the story of Michelle in the aftermath of a traumatic stillbirth .  Thanks to members of the Wylam Amateur Dramatic Society, the Green Shoe Company and my own daughters for bringing so much to the production in terms of their acting and musical talents.

Dolly's House:
 episode 1   episode 2    episode 3    episode 4    episode 5   episode 6                
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