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Saturday, 19 June 2010


Hi friends I am running a tad behind with my promnotions so please bear with me, there are soooooooo many cool blogs/websites out there I will continue to support and promote you all.
Today I would like you to meet. CHRISTINE LINES, her blog is very interesting and a cool place to visit.


Name: Christine Lines
Is: Author, Artist, Adventurer, Photographer, Dissenter
Pen Names: Gally Lines, Galya
Personal Quote: “Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.”

Every moment of pain
lets you know you’re alive.
Every moment of joy
lets you know it’s worth it.
+ Fuck fake
I’ll wear my heart on my sleeve,
It beats for me, not for you
+ I am a woman
I long for her
smile and comfort
Why can’t I love her?
I am a man
I adore his strength
and his tenderness
Why can’t I embrace him?
I am a human
of beauty and flaws.
Treat me like a person.
I am cold and lonely
I seek love like you.
I am a Christian
worshiping God next to you.
I am a Muslim
bowing five times a day with you.
I am a soldier
dying to protect you.
I am me
and I love.
Does it matter who
in a world of fear and hate?
+ “I” emails, midnight texts,
bangs on my door
while I’m still in bed.
Good-mood vampire–
can’t banish you;
Whining “friend”–draining me
to replenish your well of tears
as you cry on my shoulder
while gnawing at my spirit.
The shoulder rub,
the pat on your back,
the “It’ll be okay” assurance
don’t stop you
from taking it out on me.
Abuse no more
my friendship, my heart.
Comfort you shall not have
till you fix your own damn problem.
+ “i just wish my friends were closer
i hate that my only friend is a pet cactus.
oh, i got some flowers
yesterday but they will die soon
so i guess they don’t count as a friend.”
“they can be your friend until they die
that’s more than most people”
+ Sexy Surgeon — a geek over an open computer case

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Dear friends, again I have pleasure in introducing another exciting Blogger, the name of the Blog is  EXPRESSIVE WORLD,the blog owner is Ana .
I am sure you will all enjoy this blog as I have :)


Hello and Welcome to Expressive world,
I welcome you on the journey where we are all interconnected within the consciousness sphere.
Expressive World acts as the gateway to Anas inner awareness and connection with the divine source, nature and all beings.
Ana Gonçalves is destined to raise global consciousness and help others in whatever way possible to connect to who they truly are, here on earth. Ana is at her element in nature, when sharing universal love with others.
The purpose of this website is to awaken and remind everyone of the greater connection we have with one another on earth, through the unconditional love and universal wisdom we all share, and to help you tap into this source of connection.
Through experiences and guided insights, this platform is an opportunity to bring you closer to what you truly are, in that raising your potential as a being.
Blessings of love and peace to you. :)
Ana Gonçalves, 09.06.2010
All content and creativity is produced by the Author, unless otherwise stated. © All Rights Reserved, 2008-2010.


True Calling

by ANA on JUNE 8, 2010
Let us look inside ourselves and remember why we are here, and really appreciate who we are, where we have come.
For love has guided us here, and shall forever reside inside glowing and awakening to what we bring out into the world as true transformers of light.
May you beam your light for all to see and let your calling remind you of your worth, as a true being of light in a world in love. 

Love is the answer for everything, and we are all here to 
spread the light and love with each other.

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