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Saturday, 8 May 2010


Hi friends, today we have a new promotion from a NEW blogger, his name is Bryan, his site has a lot to offer, it is called " SECRET BASKET OF EGGS" this is quite a remarkable blog, simply has everything, Bryan would like new people to follow him and read his content so please give him a  visit.


My actual name is Bryan and I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago.
Bryan Bailey
I grew up in a very culturally diverse neighborhood and school, with an even mixture of White, Black, Hispanic and some Arabic. Graduated with honors in 1995 and spent the next four years in the U.S. Navy. The first two years were spent in weapons, electrical, and mechanical schools and other training, third year on a large ship, and the last year on a small Destroyer. (click the links to see the actual ships)
After the Navy I had many jobs and a wide range of college courses, including Cisco Networking, Firefighting, Welding, and others. I settled down for awhile at a paint manufacturing plant as a batch processor. Intense labor there combined with my new wife’s cooking bulked me up with a ton of muscle and strength. Unfortunately the fumes and chemicals destroyed my nasal passages to the point that I have very little sense of smell. (thank GOD!!)
Chucking paint got very old and boring, and I wanted something better. I saved a ton of cash at this point, and decided to open my own fish and reptile niche store. It did great for the first year, but a 3 day power outage killed off all my livestock. The wonderful power company called it an “act of God” and would not pay me for the damages, and my insurance would not cover live animals. Replacing them with my personal funds seemed like a great idea at the time, but I soon realized my error. Due to my fish and reptiles dying so fast, there was no way for me to hide it from my high-end clients. It was a small store and as they came in, they didn’t care what happened, only that $200 fish were upside down in the tanks. It took me months to purge all the dying fish, treat the new diseases, balance the water parameters, and finally start selling again. By this time it was too late, my ship had sailed. 
I was broke, the store was worse, no way to advertise, no way to borrow, nada. Luckily, just before I lost my house, a guy decided to buy it from me, although for a bit less than I had originally invested. I had to cut my losses and save my house (and probably marriage) so I sold out.
After that depressing adventure I was invited to sell cars for aLincoln/Mercury dealer. They trained me very well and also sent me toDale Carnegie for some Enthuuuusiastic motivation. (inside joke for fellow students) What a powerful trip that was. The job turned out to be temporary though, especially due to the fact that gas prices had risen to around $4 per gallon at the time. Great cars for sure, but they lack the gas mileage, and sales dropped. The car industry took a nose dive, and noobies were cut first. (me)
Now I am the Sales Manager for a major pet retailer, in charge of all hiring, firing, training, workshops, motivation, and merchandising. Turning unfocused, unguided people into positively motivated workers has been an absolute pleasure. The money is not exactly what I would wish for, but at least I have a job.
I also happen to be a self taught Master hypnotist, going on about 5 years now. I do not choose to use my skills for money, only for freely helping friends, family and those in need.
There were other jobs in between those, but most are not worth mentioning. The only exception is the circuit board factory that I spent a year with… happens to be the place where I met my awesome wife Cecilia. (besos)
So what is my point?? My point is that I have a wide array of experience,ups AND downspains and pleasure, to offer and assist you as needed. Ask, and you shall receive, that’s the whole point of this blog.

Monday, 3 May 2010


Morning friends, sorry about the delay in promotions, now I have a job I have to balance everything out.Today I would like to introduce a young lady writer, her name is BRENDA, her blog is titled "The journey of an aspiring novelist".


My Photo
I'm quite simple, I'm a writer. My name is Brenda, I come from the very tiny town of Seal Rock, OR. I'm 17 and I'm a junior at Waldport High School. I write what I feel, and or what I've experienced. Enjoy!

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Hello friends, another NEW writer to introduce you too, his name is  EDIOMO, he writes poems  and short stories a marevelous blog to visit, please show him some support :)


Gender: Male
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Occupation: Computer Engineer
Location: Uyo : Akwa Ibom

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