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Saturday, 10 April 2010


Writers are in abundance these days we are surrounded by them, each has their own unique style thats what makes it a pleasure to visit different blogs, Today friends let me introduce you to a friend, who is on twitter , thats how we met, and we have shared lots of stuff in that time, Mary has her own blog called "PATHS TO CARE" which I urge everyone to visit as it is brilliant.



Founder Care Pathways, author Paths to Care, as seen on Ellen

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Friends Today I would like to promote what I view as a fantastic Blog, a lot of work goes into a blog and I think this one deserves a mention. I am talking about BEYOND THE BLOG by Anthony North.
Anthony already has lots of readers I can see why because his blog is superb.


Welcome to Beyond the Blog. I’m a fifty something Yorkshireman who discovered writing many years ago. You can find out all about me by clicking the ‘memoirs’ category.
Most of the posts contain a short essay followed by my ‘magazine post’ concept containing poetry and flash fiction. Off-beat in style, I hope I nonetheless retain a high level of rationality.
The pages alongside this one are each a home page to a number of sub-domains, dealing with my subjects of interest. You will find everything from politics to the unexplained here.
At the centre of my work is a discipline I call P-ology, or Patternology. The world is full of specializations, but could vital knowledge be lost in the gaps between them? Patternology is a holistic train of thought that looks at the specializations in their entirety, searching for patterns that the specialist may have missed.
Patternology can be seen as a bedfellow to specialization, keeping an eye on the specialist as well as the world. It can never offer truth, but patterns for the specialist to consider, placing them in a holistic jig saw that constantly remodels the picture.
Anthony North.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Today friends I would like to introduce a very talented Young lady, she has a blog called " PRINCESS PLAYGROUND" she writes wonderful poetry as well as other things. Her name is Kiera :)


Kiera O’Brien is a freelance writer and an aspiring novelist. She was born in Athenry, County Galway, Republic of Ireland in 1979.  She grew up in the Dublin suburb of Malahide and moved to the USA with her parents at the age of 14. She obtained citizenship and currently resides in the state of Wisconsin.
Her writing interests include Fiction, Nonfiction and Poetry.
She loves to read and write Humor, Romance, Women’s Fiction, and  Mystery/Suspense.
On the political front, (though she hates the word “politics”) Kiera is a strong advocate of equality, indiscrimination, and civil rights. Much of her work – especially her poetry – is a platform for universal tolerance and Gay Rights.
Her other interests include playing six and twelve string guitar, listening to music, travel by car, bicycling, exercising, reading, cooking, and flower gardening.

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Hi friends, once again I am promoting a good writer, a poet, who writes from the heart, raw talent is in abundance in this world and I will always promote them. I met Daniel on twitter, we had a chat, I checked out his work and enjoyed it, so hopefully YOU will do the same.


Hi, I'm Daniel Caine (also know as Audacity) and I'm 17 years old, currently residing in Worcester, UK. I've been writing poetry for not too long, around two years I'd say, with the least amount of effort put into it as possible, due to feeling of apprehension around my work.

I post over @ and on my Twitter (@Audaci7y) which is where you'll find all of the links to my poems, as well as a few articles about the legalisation of cannabis - something in which I'm passionate about and advocate.

I dropped out of college before the end of the new year, due to feeling unchallenged within my work, as well as thinking all of the people there are the same narrow-minded nobodies they've always been, ever since I met them six years ago.

I don't believe in qualifications as a true test of someone's intelligence and often find myself questioning the structure of the society with live in.

I suffer from insomnia.

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