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Saturday, 6 March 2010


Today friends I would like to introduce you to a lovely lady, her name is Kath, Kathy runs two blogs, very informative, she gives good advice for bloggers starting out with hints and tips of various blogging aspects.I think this is a great blog for people to visit if they need help with blogging , even understanding the machinery helps when running a blog. from here you can visit Kathys other blog :)

A little about Kathy.

I am...
A mother
A grandmother
A wife
A sister
A daughter
An aunt
A friend
An animal lover
An earth lover
A writer
A cook who sometimes is a chef
An artist
And a wannabe rock star

Friday, 5 March 2010


Time and again we stumble on Blogs, read one or two posts and move on, but when I visited Pats blog her smile was so beaming that you just couldn't leave and had to stay to see what response you got from your comments, and hardly surprising it was a heartfelt response.
Pat's nickname is "flower" I gave her this nickname as she does resemble a flower, sweet smelling, adorable and full of sunshine. Pat has more than one blog but you can visit her other blog from here

Pats encouraging words.

"So never feel defeated when you have the awesome power of God on your side. For your difficulties, no matter how large, cannot compete with the awesome power of the Lord!
So face those problems with confidence knowing that God is with you."

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Often we meet people, perhaps have a view of their Blog and move on, others we become friends with and share similar interests. This lady I met on twitter and have been communicating with since I am talking about Leslie Moon, poet and writer.

LESLIE MOON writes fascinating posts and stories, her background is Medical so there are a lot of Human interest stories but she also writes lovely poetry.

Leslie's nickname on Twitter is @moodndustwriter and is always welcoming when you follow her, this Lady deserves visitors to her blog so this is a great opportunity for you to meet a new and fascinating writer.


"As you know i love writing poetry. It is like painting with watercolor - colorful, whimsical, meaningful. I have written in many arenas over the years- I recently published a children's book and am presently trying to find a publisher for a children's series for special needs children. my blog is like I am diverse, free spirited, and a little crazy"


I was approached from a guy called Dave who currently has a Blog or helps run the blog called "PULP CITY" so I ventured over to have a peep, naturally I am going to check out blogs before I promote them just to see what they have to offer, its not an intention to be picky, but we want to make sure the content is suitable for some people of certain ages.
I was pleasantly surprised by this as it is a short story blog here is its main function.

"Holyoke Community College’s Art and Literary Magazine."

I read a few entires and was impressed by the standard of work  the stories are amazing, so I recommend you visit this Blog to support our young writers, this is how you learn about "PULP CITY"

Pulp City is the literary magazine for Holyoke Community College in Holyoke, MA.
We also have a Creative Writing Club that meets every other week or so during the semester – for workshops, spoken word events, a flash fiction contest, and more.
For more information, or if you want to get on HCC’s Creative Writing e-mail list for regular updates on HCC events and activities, send an e-mail to Dave Champoux: / 413-552-2364 / Don-363.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I have had a few requests for Blog promotions I was only going to post one a week lol but it seems there are so many excellent blogs out there maybe I need to post more frequently, but this is a post I decided on myself.

I would like to bring to your attention a lady who selflessly works for "PARENTS" AND "TEENAGERS" as well as works tirelessly on her NEW venture "THE WRITERS ALLIANCE" I am talking about the lovely Cindy Springsteen :)


There are many many people in this World who strive to help us, who give up valuable time to promote what they think is right and what they know will benefit us, this lady is a prime example.


Today our Blog Promotion is a lady new to the Blogging World who writes about Entertainment.
Karen has a very nice Blog, if you like entertainment then this is the Blog you will visit, I have only known Karen a short while but she is very nice and will visit you back.

What Karen has to say.

"I am going to make entertainment my focus, and will use this blog to help promote my articles about music, television, movies and maybe books too. Because it is new, it doesn't have many entries yet but it will get better!"

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Hello Welcome to this, the first Blog promotions of this new site.
The first Blog I would like to INTRODUCE is called


I have known Jingle for a few Months now and visit her on a daily basis. Why? well it is simple.Jingle's Blog is fun, interactive, and you are welcomed with open arms.


"Hello, Welcome to my WordPress page, I live in the United States of America and enjoy reading, traveling, and writing. I plan to share some of the insights I have gained in my life span and hope that you join me for the journey of adventures, humors, and surprises. My purpose is not to showcase the downside of everyday living, but to take efforts in figuring out how we can have a better life than what we have now, and why we shall never give up hopes and keep course sailing!
It does not matter who you are and where you come from, we connect with each other via our shared interests or values and seek answers to our wonders, problems, and struggles in a universal sense!
Many readers wonder about my gender and other stuff, I wanted to say that my purpose of blogging is to have Fun, I never cared about the gender and race of any postings I have come cross in the past weeks, my focus is the work they have done and the interests they have shown, thus I hope that you respect me for what I do. Thank you!
English is not my first language, thus I appreciate your tolerance!"

As well as the above, Jingle runs what is called "poet rally Thursday" A time for writers to get together and write something for Thursdays, Jingle hands out Blogger awards for participation its a really fun place to visit, she will welcome EVERYONE who visits her blog.

Here is a small sample of her work  you can see more when you visit her blog.


Hi friends, Welcome to my new Blog, called "Blog Promotions" Each week I will be choosing a Blog to Highlight and hopefully people will visit.
The purpose of this Blog is to get people to know you, your writing, and the style of your blog.
This will not only cover writing but other things that may be of interest to you. If YOU want your Blog promoted, please get in touch via the contact button, tell me a bit about your Blog and what you are doing, and you may see it highlighted here. If I receive no promotions I will promote Blogs of interest subject to the writers approval.

I would like to post a picture of you with the blog promotion which I can get from your blog, however some people do not like their picture publisized so for those people I will respect that and NOT post your picture, please indicate on the contact form which you prefer. I am doing this to PROMOTE your blogs/websites in my own time because you all deserve the promotions for the hard work you do in bringing this World together :)


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