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Tuesday, 5 October 2010


Friends today I would like to introduce you to an "all rounder" Pete is a reporter/photographer and runs an excellent blog full of everything including current affairs, I am sure like so many of us you will enjoy his posts.


Dirty Garnet is a website that posts dug up, uncut news inlaid by the unbribed freelancers that haunt the fringes of the UK and US press world.


New! Amazing! Dirty Garnet Merchandise!

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no commentPosted by Peter Demain
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After intense discussions with executives ofSavanna PR - Garnet Press‘s world-class public relations office – and an experienced marketer in the USA, it has come to our attention that money is required to fund Dirty Garnet. Or rather the life and styles of its staff; mostly that of the sole director/CEO/top tier blue-chip boss G. P. Shure.
A total of two shirt designs plus a vest design have been created.One of the T-shirts is a closely derivative rip-off of a certain garment sold at gloomy T-shirt superstore However, the income from Dirty Garnet‘s version of the ‘your blog’ design will always go to charity/non-profit causes. The intellectual property infringement lawsuit aspirants must take this into account – a great bluntening of both ethical and legal arguments may occur should they wish to chase a meagre amount of cash for a dubious imitation of one design among hundreds. The transfers we use reflect camera flash somewhat; the clothes look better before the eye than on the pictures.

We're only licensed to sell the vest. For now.
The first product needs no introduction, but gets one anyway: It’s a geniune replica vest of ex-Sunday Timeseditor Andrew Neil’s. Known for his amazing fashion sense, boundless ladies’ man charms, and stunning looks that possess the youthful grace of a teenager – Click this blue text for full story! – Andrew Neil is an iconic grandmaster among hacks. Generously, a friend of the nascent Neil mercantalist juggernaut has permitted us to sell this brilliant item from his new and growing Style Range.
We contacted the BordesPam marketing team overseeing Neil’s offerings. Neil now presents BBC‘s The Politics Show and a few other political quality and not boring programmes. He has made a heartfelt exception for our outlet and permits the brilliant white-only vest, seen here in off-pink white due to manufacting error, to be sold in Medium and Large sizes alongside the realism-intensive XL-XXXL the range usually offers.
We have it on good (industry analyst – ed) authority that you will feel as beautiful, as alluring and as tempestuously charismatic as Neil himself when wearing this garment. Women too, especially of the tomboyish or ladettekind will find the vest especially worthwhile.  The iconic Style Range capwill also available in the upcoming Dirty Garnet shop once Eastern manufacturing disputes are settled.
At a mere £3.99 plus the exorbitant postage rate of £3.00 within the UK you can exhibit and embody this legendary journalist’s character. For the first 30 days of sale five pounds from each sale go to the British Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal which urgently requires funds so that the basic needs of the Haiti’s citizens are met in addition to the ongoing recovery following January’s catastrophic earthquake.
Next is a shirt which represents the culmination of a monthlong investigation into the offices of renowned British tabloid; The Daily Mail.

Brown only. Common shapes & sizes available.
The Mail is almost the best-selling – but best – newspaper in all Britain. It’s editor – at a yearly salary of £1,700,000 the highest paid journalist in theBritish Commonwealthand possibly entire universe – is named Paul Dacre. His nickname by those toiling under his firm but fair rule is ‘The Vagina Monologue‘. Why is that you cry? Mr. Dacre has an eloquent, witty catchphrase which would put Oscar Wilde, Noel Coward and other such imbeciles to shame. What’s more it’s just one single word: C*nt.
Evidence you say? The proof of the pudding is in the Googling, as certain verb adept cool cats might put it.
Our high society grovelling owner had dinner with Dacre recently and sumptiously chronicled the event: Click –>here<– for the explicit verbal in full. You can now express support to Dacre in what may be the first ever T-shirt featuring this amazing UK press luminary. Ideal for media conferences, functions, seminars, tweetups, boozy lunchtimes together with being a headline-esque eyecatcher in public we’ll be offering this in both short and longsleeve versionsIt is only available in a colour which, to many, resembles a certain biological expulsion. This is somewhat inconvenient as it matches what many immigrants, the intelligent, gay, non-white and other subversive cretinous people think of the Daily Mail. We at Dirty Garnet still admire it though.
Price will be determined soon. It’ll likely be around £12 delivered to the UK: Due to the shirt’s distinctive colour and the requirement of two transfer sheets it’s the priciest of our garments for the time being. In tribute to Dacre whose selflessness understandably has limits, this is the only product wherein profits in full end up lining Dirty Garnet’s treasury. This however is a lie and thus also a tribute to the Mail:  20% of the proceeds go to British libel law reform.

Black & White to be available. Small to XXL sizes.
Lastly is the aforementioned ‘your blog’ model. The full title, in blunt truth-telling ceremony is…“More People Have Read This T-shirt Than Your Blog”.
The price will be lower than the Dacre one at about a tenner. As mentioned proceeds of this anti-social social media blarghgog shirt will forever go to charity – for the foreseeable future Haiti will receive a large portion of the revenue. The exact proportions will be specified on the upcoming Dirty Garnet shop.
We can, having researched and meticulously tested these vines state that they do not shrink in the first wash. Therefore you can buy your actual size and not worry about shrinkage meaning these premium products will not inadvertantly become suitable for an ignorant child or, at worst, a large pet.
The online store should be in existence next month sometime. If you do not want the garments but still wish to assist the causes mentioned please don’t bother buying them; instead simply head over to the relevant cause websites to donate directly.
Further details such as international delivery prices will be present on the respective shop webpages. We will try to engineer the website so that the payments to the causes mentioned will go through automatically. Further designs will augment our range in future; these may be alluded to

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