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Thursday, 23 September 2010


Friends, Writers, Readers, Today I Introduce a fabulous site, aimed at displaying fine works of Poetry for the World to read and enjoy, this site is called "ONE STOP POETRY"
The owners of this fabulous "get together site" are... Adam Dustus  Pete Marshall, Brian Miller and the lovely Leslie Moon.
If you love writing poetry or indeed simply love reading it, then this is the place for you, everyone is welcomed by the site owners.

One Stop - About US

Combining the unique talents from across the pond of American Poets Brian Miller, Leslie Moon & Adam Dustus, with British Poet, Pete Marshall, we have come together to bring you a new, exciting opportunity with, One Stop - Where Poets & Writers Meet

At One Stop we have pledged ourselves to unite poets & writers from all corners of the world in bringing their unique talents together.

We have introduced One Shot Wednesday, a weekly submission of verse, which is free to enter, that enables poets to share their work with other writers.

As our venture grows we intend to introduce a monthly poetry competition with a cash winning prize.

We also offer a critique service and will be more than happy to discuss your work and give you honest feedback, but as we are presently self funding we would appreciate a small donation if you would like to use this service

Those of you who are aware of Brian, Leslie, Pete & Adam's work will need no introductions but for those of you new to them you can click on their links accordingly.

Bringing their ideas and creativity together has united three poets that cover a multitude of verse,

Brian hails from the East Coast of America. He is a writer, poet, father, husband, counsellor, key lime pie eater, friend, side street walker, who doesn't mind mucking and getting his hands dirty or standing in a cherry blossom rain. "Everyone has a story and everything a poem, once you look at it long enough." He doesn't take himself seriously (especially when talking in first person) but has been published. Oh and in case you have not heard, love wins.

Leslie Moon aka moondustwriter, is from the West Coast. Presently she writes scripts for radio and recently published a children's book based on stories she told her children and is in the process of publishing a series of special needs children's stories. She is a published poet and hosts several writing blogs. Leslie is an advocate for the special needs community and is on the Board of Directors for a non-profit group established to help children and families with special needs. Poetry is where she relaxes: "Poetry is like painting. Some poems use broad brush strokes and other poems use fine wisps of colour. My poetry is where you will see the real me."

Pete Marshall is a UK based poet from near London. He is probably best known for his often dark & hypnotic verses featured in the Darkened Tales Series He also has written the My Struggle With Unemployment Series which has been widely received. Pete's poetry is at times intense but often descriptive, "A good poem makes you think, puts you in touch with your inner self, can remove you from that moment and place you in a new domain. A good poem inspires!"

Adam Dustus is an American author of fiction and poetry. His first novel entitled High School Asylum, and his first poetic publication, In & Out Of Line, were published simultaneously at the beginning of 2009. As a blogger, Adam's been posting on The Dustus Blog since November 2008, sharing everything from poetry and flash fiction; to his photography and recent High Dynamic Range (HDR) images. He currently works as a freelance graphic designer helping individuals to establish themselves online.

We hope you get as much from this as we will certainly do and we look forward to meeting and getting to know you more on this amazing adventure.



do not linger long in the meadow
as it has gone to seed, the dance of summer
how replaced by shadow - leaves little time
with a course that now deceives, the heart 
of what may not last, love or time or its inner need
collecting its laughter as you linger awaiting a chilling sing
that over this temple once charmed with flower....the
winds of winter soon shall ring  - the frost,  its hour
of vespers and prayer - to silence its power does bring
suspending the meadow only safe passage
to fox and snowy white hare,  that carry the secrets
to the season of promise found in the moonlight and clear night air...

do not linger long in the meadow - as autumn has laid its hand
stilling the heart and its wild flower as winter dresses to take its stand....

copyrightd 2010


Please note, the logo, and poem are copywritten under one stop poetry and the artist concerned.

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