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Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Friends I would like to introduce a friend , he is called Michel Sulpin
His site discovers the art of the Surname, it is a really interesting site, it is in French but can be translated I found it very interesting, please visit him.

A sample of his work.

Le moyen historique de faire le lien patronymique entre SULPICIUS et SULPINUS - SULPIN

Benedict XIII is an anti popes of Avignon: the Aragonese Pedro de Luna is named
Pope September 23, 1394.
The Diocese Bazas dependent on French recognized the Pope of Avignon! Several
Bishops are appointed to obedience of Avignon, among others: Peter SULPIN 1397
to 1417. He ran his diocese with catchy be generated by John Herrenco, his
counterpart appointed by Rome after that left him alone Bazas caring more about
Vatican City.
¨ Pierre had important contacts in councils. The King of France: Charles VI Valois
"Thank you for penalties and the work he had had affairs of the diocese of Bazas" the King sick
psychomaniaco depression had to leave his uncles resume Regency ... and Roy
Henry IV of England Lancaster son of John of Gaunt Duke of Aquitaine and February 1 mars 1390
and thus claiming the throne of France.
"Peter is brother Sulpin Minor in the convent of Toulouse. He inherited a fund of Books,
known for his science, he founded the University of Toulouse a College that was the name of
St. FLOUR which he was born.

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