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Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Friends this is an amazing place, if you want your memories transferred on to a dvd., photos that may be laying around your 
home, can be professionally transferred onto discs to save them for 100 lifetimes, Today I introduce Mike's site called heirloom dvd's

Most of us have boxes, books and bags of precious photos that are scarcely ever enjoyed. We worry about them deteriorating with age, or even getting lost.  Heirloom DVD has the perfect solution for this dilemma! 

We will turn your treasured photos, video clips and VCRs into magical and breathtaking DVD picture video shows, complete with music, transitions and captions.  Your video show will be a joy to share with, or gift to, family and friends. What's more, your photos and VCRs and video clips will be safe andeasily accessible, always ready to beautifully and dramatically tell your story for generations to come.
Is there any story more exciting than the arrival of a new baby - the beginning of a new life?
sounds good?, so pop over and visit Mike today

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