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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


Friends Today I would like to promote what I view as a fantastic Blog, a lot of work goes into a blog and I think this one deserves a mention. I am talking about BEYOND THE BLOG by Anthony North.
Anthony already has lots of readers I can see why because his blog is superb.


Welcome to Beyond the Blog. I’m a fifty something Yorkshireman who discovered writing many years ago. You can find out all about me by clicking the ‘memoirs’ category.
Most of the posts contain a short essay followed by my ‘magazine post’ concept containing poetry and flash fiction. Off-beat in style, I hope I nonetheless retain a high level of rationality.
The pages alongside this one are each a home page to a number of sub-domains, dealing with my subjects of interest. You will find everything from politics to the unexplained here.
At the centre of my work is a discipline I call P-ology, or Patternology. The world is full of specializations, but could vital knowledge be lost in the gaps between them? Patternology is a holistic train of thought that looks at the specializations in their entirety, searching for patterns that the specialist may have missed.
Patternology can be seen as a bedfellow to specialization, keeping an eye on the specialist as well as the world. It can never offer truth, but patterns for the specialist to consider, placing them in a holistic jig saw that constantly remodels the picture.
Anthony North.

Welcome to my weekly magazine post. Watch
it grow thru the week. You can opt to read
the essay, current affairs, themed mini mag
with fiction & poetry, or just read the lot.
Plenty for everyone here. Do call again.
Fiction: She dreamt of riding on a rabbit from an early age. I’m
practicing, she’d say. When I grow up I WILL get it into the boiler.
It’s just a box. That’s all it is – a boring,
innocuous box. Yet our existence is so
intrinsically connected. I’m just a staple.
The law has become too complicated. Indeed, I’d argue it is now
impossible not to break the law in some way. Further, it is no longer
Common Law, in that we are not all equal under the law. Here is my
attempt at creating a simple law and constitution. Do take a look if
you’ve got time. There will be mistakes, and it may need hundreds of
supplementary elements to make it work. But if they could be written
with similar brevity, what a sensible world we could live in.
Eye On the World
Essays on everything from science
to religion, politics to crime
BRIT NEWS: Labour target
Shadow Chancellor as ‘immature
and shrill’. Okay, he’s a toff. Funny how
class is being used still as a weapon.
WORLD NEWS: Pope under increasing fire over Catholic
paedophile scandals. Is this going to do severe damage to
the Church? Is it political?
TV WATCH: After decades The Bill to be scrapped as viewers fall.
If ITV hadn’t messed with a good formula it would still be ok.
WORLD NEWS: After more bombs in Moscow Putin vows to destroy
terrorists – bloodbath will follow bloodbath. Has to be a better way.
SCI NEWS: Large Hadron Collider about to step up operations
in search of the God particle. I hope they’ve banned
sandwiches this time.
BRIT NEWS: A compulsory levy to pay for adult
social care in England being proposed. We
already have one. National Insurance.
Put it up.
GREEN NEWS: James Lovelock blames
inertia for lack of action on climate.
No, its a definite policy of Big
Biz to guarantee profit.


Ji said...

amazing promotion,
Happy Wednesday Evening!

william said...

thanks Ji xxx

♥ Kathy said...

I've been there before :)

Ji said...

what a beautiful new dress,
I am very pleased and surprised to see it.

awards for you.

I could not be able to comment in your poetry blog,
thus I copy and pasted the comment content here.
for you.

Luisa Doraz said...

Nice work to help us all reflect on things. :)

Ji said...

cute poem,
lovely bird nest.

when it is time to let go of grown up kids,
one has to be ready...what choice do parents have?

thank you for the highlight this powerful feelings...
Happy Friday!

9 April 2010 17:41

Ji said...


I am not sure why,
I could not find the post comment button, thus again, posted my comment for your Friday poem here instead.
Happy Friday!
Sorry for the issue.

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